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  3. STG Racing Leauge PS4 LEADERBOARD

    Can’t wait for the league to start!
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  5. Racing League will begin a couple of weeks after game release, we are doing this to give the servers a chance to settle in, and also for you all to get dialled in! If you'd like to participate then make sure you register on this website and get your name down! We intend to run on all platforms, PC, PS4 and Xbox. Here's a link to the official Facebook community, make sure to give it a like as more info will be revealed on there.
  6. Anaheim 1

    So that's A1 over and done with, whats your thoughts on the 250 West & 450's. A lot of shocks in the 450's that's for certain plus a lot of things we thought would happen did. Eli Tomca... what is it that's making him make these silly small mistakes resulting in a DNF. Bam Bam Justin Barcia takes a Heat Race win & finishes 3rd on the podium..!!! 250's who isnt surprised in who won i mean come on the guy is riding with Cole & Roczen now it wasn't un expected..!!! AC made a lot of mistakes but still came away with a 3rd. Who was your surprise and whats your thoughts on Marvin coming away with a win... Anderson was catching him ever so slightly towards then end.,
  7. Welcome

    Whats up my dooods. Sicks stuff you guys have created here. Killin it Ben and Brandon.
  8. Welcome

    Very nice
  9. Welcome

    Hope you all enjoy the #New Website we have created, don't worry their will be loads of media plus content coming soon..... Please sign up and drop a post. Cheers Ben Blizzard Extreme Sports
  10. Blizzard is cool

    wasnt brandons forum. its dickens ooopssss. sorry.
  11. Blizzard Mx

    What do you all think to the #Official Blizzard extreme Mx bike for Sim & IRL .......
  12. Blizzard is cool

    Thanks brandon for this forum i guess
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