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    Right Can everyone comment below your gamertag & platform ..... this way we have an easy way to find people on the same platform... Gamertag - Blizzard Extreme Platform - PC -------------------------------- Gamertag - ManOfMayhem SOA Platform - Xbox One
  2. Anaheim 1

    So that's A1 over and done with, whats your thoughts on the 250 West & 450's. A lot of shocks in the 450's that's for certain plus a lot of things we thought would happen did. Eli Tomca... what is it that's making him make these silly small mistakes resulting in a DNF. Bam Bam Justin Barcia takes a Heat Race win & finishes 3rd on the podium..!!! 250's who isnt surprised in who won i mean come on the guy is riding with Cole & Roczen now it wasn't un expected..!!! AC made a lot of mistakes but still came away with a 3rd. Who was your surprise and whats your thoughts on Marvin coming away with a win... Anderson was catching him ever so slightly towards then end.,
  3. Welcome

    Hope you all enjoy the #New Website we have created, don't worry their will be loads of media plus content coming soon..... Please sign up and drop a post. Cheers Ben Blizzard Extreme Sports
  4. Blizzard Mx

    What do you all think to the #Official Blizzard extreme Mx bike for Sim & IRL .......